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ALYVE & Kicking: COVID-19 Small Grants

Updated: May 24, 2020

ALYVE UK has launched a fund to support local youth forums during COVID-19, as part of its ongoing 'ALYVE & Kicking' small grants initiative.

COVID-19 has had a specific impact on young people as a demographic, raising concerns regarding their education, employment, and mental health - the recent 'LockdownLowdown' survey conducted by the Scottish Youth Parliament, YouthLink Scotland, and Young Scot highlights these concerns in detail.

It's more important than ever that local youth forums are able to identify young people's needs and perspectives on the situation regarding COVID-19 within their communities, and act on them! That's why ALYVE UK is providing small grants to local youth forums across Scotland: to help facilitate them in understanding young people's experiences, views, and opinions in regards to the impact of COVID-19 through research or consultation and advocate on their behalf.

We are now accepting applications via our online form below, and have also provided additional guidance for applicants. Applications will be assessed on the first weekend of each month.

The ALYVE & Kicking: COVID-19 Small Grants fund has been made possible by funding from the Royal Society of Arts’ ‘COVID-19 RSA Catalyst Award’, and is part of ALYVE UK’s ongoing activities co-funded by the European Solidarity Corps’ ‘Solidarity Projects’ programme.


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