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ALYVE UK has launched a fund to support local youth forums in addressing issues related to rural areas and the future of work, as part of its ongoing 'ALYVE & Kicking' small grants initiative.

The European Union Youth Dialogue (EUYD) is the main avenue for youth participation at a European Union level, and is facilitated in the UK by the British Youth Council. The most recent cycle of the EUYD consulted on two topics: 'Moving Rural Youth Forward', which focused on young people in rural areas; and 'Quality Employment for All: The Future of Work', which focused on young people in relation to work and the labour market. Both of these topics are also European Youth Goals, topics young people across European outlined as priorities.

Both rural areas and the future of work are topics important to young people in Scotland. That's why ALYVE UK is providing small grants to local youth forums across Scotland: to help facilitate them in understanding young people's experiences, views, and opinions in regards to the impact of these topics through research or consultation and advocate on their behalf.

We are now accepting applications via our online form below, and have also provided additional guidance for applicants. Applications will be assessed on the first weekend of each month.

The ALYVE & Kicking: EUYD Small Grants fund has been made possible by funding from the British Youth Council, and is part of ALYVE UK’s ongoing activities co-funded by the European Solidarity Corps’ ‘Solidarity Projects’ programme.

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